On top of being an all-around awesome person, Fred is one of the top bass fishermen in the country. He’s originally from Russellville, Arkansas. When he’s not raising his two children with his wife Julie, he usually out hunting, biking, hiking, traveling, and skateboarding.

How did you get your start in fishing?

 I got my start in fishing real young living in California, when my Grandpa gave me a Zebco 33 Classic combo for a birthday present.  I took it to the lake with no clue what I was doing and caught a bass. Everyone on the dock was astonished that I caught this fish. All the excitement got me hooked for life!

 Fun fact, while chasing my career as a pro angler,  I met my future wife in Oklahoma. Her dad has the actual patent on that combo that got me started.  A true “Rod and Reel Romance!”

On a daily basis, what's the most challenging part of your fishing career?

 The most challenging part of my profession is probably like any other professional sport, the juggling of business, family, and putting the time on the water to stay on top of my game.  Not to mention that I compete at the highest level of our sport, solo.

 What I mean by that is, it’s an individual sport, so we have no caddies or trainers.  Oh, and the fact is that Mother Nature always seems to throw a curveball in the form of weather, water levels, water clarity, water temperature, or something else.

For how long have you been using Blue Otter Polarized lenses?

 I’ve been fortunate to fish with Blue Otter for three years now.

What are your favorite lenses to use?

 What’s my favorite pair? Well, that’s a tough one cause love them all.  My go-to pair has got to be the Oconee in Raw Honey frames with Palm Green lenses. The lighter frames with green lenses seem to lighten the water while blocking glare.

What do you like about Blue Otter lenses?

 The Carl Zeiss nylon lenses are lightweight and extremely clear.   I’m constantly looking below the water surface seeking, fish, habitat, and bottom substance and the polarization is second to none in overall performance.  For comfort, style, and performance, Blue Otter is amazing!

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“Our entire team at Blue Otter Polarized loves the outdoors and partnering with Fred was a simple decision," said Blue Otter's Bradley Jordan. "Fred’s relentless dedication to his craft and friendly personality is a perfect fit for our company. He will help us show anglers and outdoor enthusiasts all around the world what Blue Otter’s high quality Carl Zeiss lenses can provide as they pursue their passion.”

Said Roumbanis: “I like to say that fishing is a five-sense sport. We need to use every sense in order to compete at this level. None are more important than sight, especially for me. My vision both at the surface of and into the water is crucial to my success, which is why I choose my glasses carefully.

"Blue Otter and their Carl Zeiss Vision polarized lenses are far and away the best glasses I have ever used on the water. Comfort is also very important when I spend as many as 12 hours a day on the water each day during practice, and Blue Otter’s frames are both stylish and incredibly comfortable. I am excited to get out on the water this season knowing I have a competitive advantage over my competitors.”